Hey guys!

I'm here to drop my collab with LexaHergon, check it out and please share!!!

Click here to listen on my YouTube Channel!!!

To finish this post... i wanna say to all NewGround user's: Life is Good. Art is Good! Music is life!!! 

See ya,

PapoFuradoPA, from Brazil

Collab with LexaErgom

2017-05-27 09:00:40 by PapoFuradoPA

Hello, NG!

Today i have a big news for you, guys!

Me and my friend Lex... we create a pretty cool song!

Listen it up! Click here and enjoy!


I wanna say a special Thanks to Angel Amaral, my only one!


See you soon,

PapoFuradoPA, from Brazil

Do you make beat's?!

2017-05-19 08:26:49 by PapoFuradoPA

Hello, NG!


I'm serching for a good mmusician coz a already got a good vibe and lyrics! If you enjoy collabs, hit me on PM!!!

Oh... not just one, i'm lokking for a honest musician to rocord a full album! :D


Come on!

Let's make it happen!


2017-04-09 16:05:05 by PapoFuradoPA

Hello, NG

Today i will release my recent piece of work. Its live action - in my YouTube account - I hope not break any rules. I'm really noob...

               So... Now:



Tnx for be here!

This day can't be more special!


See ya!

Coming soon... UNPLUGED

2017-04-07 10:53:39 by PapoFuradoPA


Guys, in April 9, my new project turns to public. I work hard on it. Everything was made by me... I am couting tevery minute so i can show this movie to the crowd. But don't get high expectations. hahaha


I'm open for beta movie fans. 

Just PM me! I'll be tehre ;)

Unpluged (Teaser) - 2017

2017-04-07 03:09:15 by PapoFuradoPA


Gustavo acorda em um domingo que poderia ser apenas mais um dia em sua rotina, mas descobre que não tem internet e tv a cabo. Sem saber o que estava acontecendo ele tenta apenas passar o tempo até que o serviço de mídia fosse re-estabelecido. O que ninguém poderia prever é que neste dia atípico a história do mundo estava drasticamente sendo alterada. Uma clinica do interior do Rio de Janeiro, que trabalhava em experiência com humanos em estado terminal teve um acidente e muitos dos pacientes fugiram. O mundo agora corre grande perigo, pois os pacientes sofreram mutações genéticas e são muito agressivos.



Vem aí!!! // Agarde \\



Happy New Year!

2017-01-03 16:21:29 by PapoFuradoPA

Hello, NG!

I'm very excited about this year.

In 2016 i didn't create stuff as much as i like to. So i'll gonna do my best to make 2017 a great year for my carreer. Probably i'll post more animations and stuff here on NewGrounds.

See you guys later!

I love NewGrounds

2016-01-31 07:56:47 by PapoFuradoPA

Hello, NG!


I love this "place" :) I love NewGrounds!

Hmm... I wanna say again: "Let's work togheter?". I wanna work with you * people reading this * :)


I like to make fun stuff. You too?! Maybe?
Do you wanna try?


Reply this post and i'll find you ;)
See you later!


from Brazil

Hello, NG!

I'm PapoFuradoPA and i'm glad you're here in my profile!

I want to be very active in this amazing place for creators! I really love New Grounds. There's so many cool movies, nice games and beautfull songs... I felt like home here!

Important Fact: I want to do many works as possible with anyone who wanna work with me either :)

I'm not the expert on producing content, but i can make animations, games and music, so... i think we can give it a try!

Today it's January 4th, 3:13 am (local time) and i wish in the future when i read this again i'll think "man, i did a lot of good partner's because of this post" :)

- PapoFuradoPA,
from Brazil