Do you make beat's?!

2017-05-19 08:26:49 by PapoFuradoPA

Hello, NG!


I'm serching for a good mmusician coz a already got a good vibe and lyrics! If you enjoy collabs, hit me on PM!!!

Oh... not just one, i'm lokking for a honest musician to rocord a full album! :D


Come on!

Let's make it happen!


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2017-05-19 10:42:58

Is this gonna be a hip-hop one, or what?

PapoFuradoPA responds:

Yeah, hip hop style! Can you do it?!


2017-05-19 15:03:41

Hm, I haven't done hip-hop before, but I've heard a few around here. Just not sure what sort of feel you're going for.

PapoFuradoPA responds:

Tnx man!
Listen this, pleasr:

That's me singn'
Let me know if you enjoy or feel confortable to do more like that....
PM me, please!



2017-05-20 18:08:22

If I'm still not feeling confident about my attempt at a hip-hop beat by tomorrow, then the only one I CAN recommend off the top of my head is @TheDukeOfJuke, who has done hip-hop before but has deleted his song off Newgrounds.

There's @Teqneek, but I'm not aware of other hip-hop users on NG and I'm not sure how far they would like to help.


2017-05-20 23:25:47

@Troisnyx Lol yeah. I've been a little bit of a crybaby lately. But I'm not taking my music to seriously anymore and am just having fun with it. If you take your craft to seriously it starts to become a job instead of something you love.